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Posted on March 8th, 2013
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Guidelines For Selecting Sporting Goods

Posted on April 29th, 2011
The right sporting goods can make your playing sports more pleasurable and safe too. If you do not select quality items, you may pay for it with an injury. Choosing items which are reliable and affordable can be a challenge. Doing some research before you decide which items to purchase will stand you in good stead. You can search online for a retailer of these items. Shortlist two or three companies before you decide which one is most suitable for your needs. You can also ask your friends, ...
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Get Pointed In The Right Direction, Get A Guide

Posted on October 24th, 2010
You will find some of the very best hunting in the world in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The offer great guided hunts that will greatly increase your opportunity to get a trophy. The landscape is varied so you can choose to hunt in the mountains, deep in the green forests, the high desert, along the artic coast, or on the various islands. You will find plenty of big game roaming freely in large numbers across the Northwest including deer elk, bison, caribou, mountain goats, and grizzly ...
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Are Golf Lessons Worth The Price?

Posted on October 23rd, 2010
Basic Golf Instruction Ask yourself the question, People take up golf for various reasons. Looking at the sport with untrained eye, "Are Golf Lessons Worth The Price?" It really doesn't seem like it's all that difficult. The goal of the game is to get the little ball into the hole with as few attempts as possible. This seems like a relatively easy goal and something most people can achieve on their own. However, if you go out on the golf course unassisted you will find yourself spending more ...
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How to ensure a safe boating excursion

Posted on October 22nd, 2010
While boating is relatively safe, much safer than driving a car, there are still enough boating accidents to raise some alarm signals as to why boating accidents occur. In an effort to eliminate or reduce the number of boating accidents that occur in the water each year, specialists have done some investigating and have found that most boating accidents are preventable if boaters follow a few simple boating safety rules. The most common boating accident reported is the man overboard accident. ...
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What to Know When Buying a GPS

Posted on October 18th, 2010
Why are GPS units showing up everywhere? You might find one in your rental car, on your wristwatch or even built into your wireless phone. Anti-theft systems use one, heavy construction equipment might use one and having one on your boat now seems to be a requirement. Anytime we want to know our exact location on the face of the Earth, the GPS becomes indispensable. Like many other technologies, feature rich GPS units are now affordable for the average person. So how do you know which one ...
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3 Easy Steps to Becoming a BackCountry Hero

Posted on October 16th, 2010
Have you thought about helping to protect wildlife or wild flowers, but you don’t know how? Or maybe you want to protect your favorite camping site or that cool little stream nobody else knows about? Making a difference in the backcountry is easy for anyone – you don’t have to be Ted Turner. Not every one can fly to the Amazon delta to move bird nests or trek off to the Aleutian Islands to remove crude oil from a pristine beach. But everyone can help right where they are. Follow these 3 ...
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Top Tips for Successful BackCountry Navigation

Posted on October 8th, 2010
As an outdoor enthusiast you will at some point make a decision to learn how to navigate in the backcountry. Whether you use a map, compass, GPS receiver or all three, there are several things you should know about successful navigation. Your safety and the safety of your companions depend upon it. Backcountry activities such as hiking, orienteering, hunting, climbing, geocaching, fishing, four-wheeling and camping are all loads of fun - until you get lost. That’s why you should know how to ...
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6 Things You Must Do If You Want To HaveThe Secret To Catching

Posted on October 6th, 2010
It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~John Steinbeck 1. How Fish Think When you hunt for deer, and any other animal for that matter, there are some set rules you have to follow if you are going to catch some very wary Brook and Brown trout. Will the rules for hunting somehow help with Trout Fishing. 2. Study and Research Understandmg how a trout thinks, will increase your chances of success. You could go to a ...
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Healthy Diet With Fish And Seafood

Posted on October 2nd, 2010
Maximizing protein content while minimizing fat and calories is a goal of many people who are trying to lose weight, gain fitness or just enjoy a healthier diet.  There are few foods that combine low fat, low calories and high protein the way fish and seafood do. In addition, the protective oils in many cold water fish are being studied for their possible role in preventing heart disease and lowering levels of cholesterol in the bloods. In addition, fish dishes are delicious, easy to prepare ...
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